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Our bespoke jewellery design process

I am dedicated to offering the finest bespoke jewellery to our customers. I am passionate about creating beautiful designs using the finest materials. I will work with you to create the perfect piece.

Our process



With every piece of bespoke jewellery we start by having a conversation about exactly what it is that the customer wants, I have a large stock of existing pieces and by looking at these and a variety of images similar to what you’re looking to achieve we settle on an idea.  From there it’s question of either sourcing the stones or using a customers own stone with which to make the design come to life.  Whilst historically we have always used a jewellery artist to turn our ideas into an image I increasingly use CAD as a basis for both the artwork and the actual finished piece.


3D CAD is a fabulous tool which allows a customer to really see what their piece will look like.  Where a customer is unsure of how big a piece will be or can’t envisage, for example, how wide the band on a ring will be, we can print a wax resin prototype which allows a customer to try on their design prior to pushing the “go” button.


Finished Piece

Technology like CAD is a fantastic tool for the design work however the jewellery trade is mainly human driven!  All my jewellery is made in London by craftsmen and women who have many years experience in mounting, setting and polishing fine jewellery.  Once the go ahead for the piece is given we draw the metal and create!

Get in touch

We would love to hear from you and if you have any design ideas we’d be happy to talk to you about them. Also, if a current piece on the website has caught your eye then we’d be delighted to talk to you about it